Tuesday, June 14, 2005

First week of retirement and travels

What a week it was. After saying goodbyes to the kids, we finally took delivery of our RV in Oregon. We went to the DMV to register it only to find out that they wanted proof that we had established residence in Oregon and that we had Oregon driver's licenses. The dealer had lied to us. They had told us we could do this to cinch the sale of the RV and left us hanging in Oregon to sort it all out. NEVER NEVER trust someone who wants to sell you something .
Anyway, we will pay the exhorbitant sales tax on the RV and register it in California. We're a little poorer heading into retirement but wiser.

We stopped in Olympia to visit with a long time friend Jessica and enjoyed a lovely lunch and afternoon of talking and laughing. Jessica is one of five very intelligent, witty women with whom I get together everyday online through emails. We have running conversations about politics and everything else you can imagine. We have been doing this for 11 years. We will do it until we all pass on. It was fun to actually sit down with Jessica face to face. Our conversation was as smooth as butter. Like two people who have been doing it a long time, we were very comfortable with one another. I look forward to traveling across country to spend time with the other gals in our group. One is in Wisconsin, two in New Jersey and another is in Georgia.

We arrived in Bremerton on Saturday night at the home of Linda and Duffy. Linda and I met when we both worked for Crocker Bank in 1969. We've been true and fast friends ever since. We have laughed, cried, bantered and discussed with amazement the things we've both experienced in our lives. Linda eventually moved back to her home state of Washington but daily notes and phonecalls kept the friendship alive. Linda is now going through a rough spot in her life. She was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. But Linda has always been an advocate offering support for someone or something, everything from helping those living out their last months with dreaded diseases like HIV to being an active lobbyist for the Democratic party on issues she was passionate about. This woman is a fighter so we have no doubt that she'll whip this cancer into submission as well. She is unflagging in spirit and approaches everything with humor. I have never laughed harder or longer than when I'm with Linda.

We are still sorting through our 'stuff' and pitching more out. I just cannot seem to find a place for everything and I hate the cluttered look so I just have to keep evaluating what stays and what goes. The problem is I'm getting down to really important stuff, like video cameras and my favorite clothing or parfum. There is just going to HAVE to be SOME clutter.

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  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    grrrrrrrrrrr.... a hex on that RV salesman! May all his tires go flat. What a jerk!

    Denise (who hates someone taking advantage of her friends!)