Thursday, June 09, 2005

Finally on the road

Our last day of work was Friday, June 3. That, coincidentally, was the same day our escrow on the sale of house closed. Talk about cutting it CLOSE. We picked up our escrow check at 3:30 in the afternoon and went straight to the bank to deposit it, then raced to the RV dealer to see if our RV was ready to go. We transferred all of our belongings from the old RV to the new RV which was a huge job. Just like moving all over again. Got it done in two long days over the weekend. Then left it there at the dealer's so they could install the satellite dish in the new RV before delivering it to us in Oregon. We headed for northern california to visit the kids and say our goodbyes. That was kind of tough. I'm homesick already and I haven't even left the state. But we've made tentative plans to rendezvous with them at different locations across the country throughout the year so that made us feel a little better about leaving them. I know I know.....the kids are GROWN for crying out loud, so why are we being so silly. It's just not easy to leave family behind. That's all I can say. It's the hardest part of this whole venture. Leaving loved ones behind for an indefinite period of time.

We then drove to Ashland, Oregon (just over the border from California) where tomorrow morning, FINALLY, we will take delivery of our new RV and register it at the DMV in Oregon. That saved us a bundle in sales taxes. Since we won't be living in California anymore, why should we pay the exhorbitant sales tax they charge on big ticket items????? Makes sense to US. The only stipulation is that we cannot bring the RV back into the state of California for one year which is no problem because we didn't plan on going back into California for a year and even then, we would just be visiting the kids and moving on.

SO...we're on our way. We are just now starting to feel like its really happening. We're retired. And we're free to do whatever we want. First stop will be to visit friends and family in Washington. Guess we had better call them and warn them that we are coming. :)

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