Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Visiting Kuz'n Kitty

Today was FUN!!!! We drove down to Graham, Washington to visit my cousin, Kitty and her husband Don. Kitty and I stay in touch through email and the internet, but we hadn't actually seen each other in person since about 1991. We marveled at how much alike we look as we get older. It must be in those Lilly genes. Kitty's Son Gavin, a local sheriff's deputy, came by to visit as did his family, wife Angel, and kids Brady, Peyton and Kaity. The kids are absolutely adorable and extremely well mannered. It's no wonder Kitty and Don are so proud of them.

Kitty and I reminesced about old times and looked through family albums of relatives who lived so long ago, we never had a chance to know them. She has an enormous collection of ancestral photos and information and plans to make copies for other family members. I can't interesting it all was.

After a day of feasting on Barbequed ribs and hamburgers, it was hard to say good bye but we'll be back. They have an RV as well so they could come visit us too, that is, if they can catch up with us. Actually, we're thinking about investing in some local recreational property on the Dosewallips river and...if that's the case, then they could come park with us and go fishing when we're up here. Don seemed to like that idea a lot. Life is good!!!

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