Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A trip to the falls

Duffy took us for a nice walk up a shady lane which led to a beautiful waterfall just a mile or so from his property on the Dosewallips River. The falls don't have a name, as far as he knows, but they were spectacular and descend into a large pool where brave kids often frolic and swim. It looked very dangerous to me because of all the steep rocks around it which have fallen over time but you know kids....they know no fear. Here's a photo of Dale, Molly and Duffy walking up the shady lane and also one of Duffy on a rock just under the falls.

We are winding up our stay in Washington on Friday, July 1 and heading east towards Idaho, Montana and North Dakota. Since it's all unknown territory to us it feels a little scary, but also exciting. It'll be fun hunting for unique sites and interesting people to interact with.

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