Monday, April 25, 2005

Kicking into high gear

The house sold. Two days after we put it on the market, we got two bites. Both from serious buyers and one of whom is now in escrow with us. We are SO excited and still pinching ourselves. This, however, ends our lollygagging along and pushes us rapidly along into the process of downsizing from an apartment to an RV. What a headache. All of that 'stuff' to sort through while agonizing over parting with and then ultimately, selling favored possessions for pennies on the dollar to drooling neighbors and friends who are hovering over the booty like vultures over a rotting carcass. We're happy to have our 'stuff' find good homes though. All is well that ends well. I just hope we make our deadline of May 31, 2005 as that is the date we gave as our last day on the job. At that point we are caput....done. I sure hope escrow is caput....done by that time as well. It would make life a lot easier if everyting was settled so we could embark on our wonderful journey.

Since all the furniture in our apartment has sold already, we are forced to set up housekeeping in our RV now, a month before our scheduled launch. That's kind of a neat thing, actually, because it forces us to live with the things we load onto the RV in a sort of trial run. That makes it easier to determine if items are really necessary or can be tossed back to be sold with the other treasures at the mother of all yard sales. We've gone through things over and over (books, clothes, pots and pans), each time eliminating more and more items until we are down to our favorite 'must have' articles for our new household. At some point, we will go to a local commercial scale and weigh each axle to see if we are overweight. If we are, guess what? We'll be sorting through the stuff again and again until we are no longer dragging our rear bumper. I'm dreading that part. I want to take EVERYTHING.

I'm a quilter who loves her quilting books and fabrics not to mention her sewing machines, including my vintage Singer Featherweight and my Juki high speed quilting machine. Of course, these items weigh a lot so I've had to get real creative. Would you believe I'm putting a couple hundred pounds of fabric into the trunk of my VW new Beetle, our Toad (tow car) so it won't weigh down the RV? I didn't think you would believe it. But I am. That's how I fudged so I could take lots of the stuff I really cannot live without. Dale said we should have a van instead of a Beetle and call it a rolling closet. Not a bad idea. LOL

I'll check back when we get closer to lift off and let you know how much of this 'stuff' we actually got away with.


  1. Woah! The begining of a new life :)

  2. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Wow...I cannot believe how lightning fast you guys are moving towards your dream - it is just unbelievable. Using the bug for all your fabric, Sherry, is very creative. I was wondering what would become of all your quilting stuff. I love being updated.

    Keep well and happy.

    Love, Nancy