Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Getting ready for the big day

There are many big events in your lifetime. Graduating from High School or College, getting married, having kids, getting that big promotion. But none has stressed me out as much as getting ready for retirement. What a job!!!! We started planning this a year ago for 'someday' and someday is here. Sooner than I thought. Of course, we're not retiring in the conventional way. We're selling the house, throwing everything into storage (or selling it) and taking off for a gypsy lifestyle in a motorhome. They're known in the RV world as " Fulltimers". You live in your RV fulltime, travel from town to town at a pace you set for yourself with no rules. Throw out all the rules. You don't have to do anything on a schedule and that includes eating, sleeping or arriving at some destination. It's very difficult to rid yourself of the old restraints and just go for it. But we're going to do just that. We're going for it.

This blog is for family and friends so they can track us across the country and share in our adventures if they want to. Future fulltimers may find it interesting to read as well. Anyway, all are welcome. I hope you have a sense of humor because I can be a little irreverent at times. No harm intended. Any disparaging comments I may make about my traveling companions, my husband or my dog, are meant in jest and no, I seriously doubt I'd drop him or her off in the middle of the desert or throw either of them over the edge of the Grand Canyon. I've been married 36 years and hope to see our 50th anniversary when all is said and done. Molly, the maltese, has been a steadfast companion for 5 years now and she's looking forward to sharing in the adventure as well.

So come along with us down the carefree highway.